About me

Hello, my name is Aleksandr 'Aux' Ivanov, I live in Latvia and I'm a professional web-developer since year 2004.

I started my IT career in autumn of 2003 as a network administrator at a local internet provider called Baltinet Data. Next spring (2004) I was hired by Nova Media to work as a web-developer and this is where all the fun started!

Great colleagues at Nova taught me how to properly use HTML and CSS, told about good JavaScript practices and gave me a lot of interesting technical challenges both on client and server sides of the web. These include Microsoft Axapta integration, custom CMS development for special clients and a lot of fancy designs to put right into visitors' browsers. Hey, there were no simple CSS3 tricks like border-radius back in the days!

At the beginning of 2007 I was started to think about something more. These thoughts led me directly to CTXM. New people, new projects, new technologies and new challenges — that was a breath of fresh air! But my new position still was a web developer — I do really like it. Some of the new technologies to work with on a daily basis include Java for server-side and Adobe Flex for client-side. Previously gained skills are also used.

Somewhere in the middle of the year 2011 I was hired by CT eMedia to start building new social gaming start-up. We are so busy that do not have our own web-site yet! Today I'm standing right in the middle of information flow from our players to business decision makers, from client support to technical admins. I route all the information traffic between involved parties and ensure that the data is always available be it mobile phone of our admin somewhere on vacation or a support guy looking at real-time statistics in third-party software.

My experience summary contains more then four years of server-side PHP and another more then four years of server-side Java. During all that period I was using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as my client-side tools. I also have some Adobe Flex experience and do know some cool buzz-words like HTML5, AJAX, CSS3 and other web-related bla-bla-bla. I don't have a usual portfolio because I don't do much freelancing, but you can check out portfolios of my employers.

You might wish to contact me by e-mail, address is simple — aux@hexmode.org. I will try to respond.

My stuff

I have made a lot of programming experiments during the years. I will put more of them here as I write proper descriptions of what they are, what they do and how this knowledge may be used in real world applications.

  • Thirst Hints — an extension for Chrome browser which shows useful hints for Thirst of Night game on Google+.
  • iceflow — an extension for Opera and Chrome browsers.
  • Plugins suck — demo showing that bad programming techniques raise performance issues on modern web-sites and HTML5 is not a salvation from lame banners which slow down your PC. This is a submission to 10K Apart contest.
  • Tagger Menu — small and configurable UserJS script for Opera browser which adds HTML/BB/custom formatting menu for TEXTAREA inputs on web pages.